We, Golden Planners Consultants, recognize our roles and responsibilities to support and promote sustainability in line with the “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030”. This is demonstrated through our constant drive to eco-friendly alternative yet “economical” solutions.

We understand that sustainability encompasses environmental, social, economic and cultural concerns. Therefore, we are committed to seeking continuous improvement in our performance to maintain a harmonious relationship among these four pillars of sustainability.

GPC aims to take a leading role in defining best sustainability practice in all functions of its business through GPC’s commitment to continually:

  • Deliver sustainable buildings while avoiding depletion of the natural resources and protecting the cultural identity of the city.

  • Apply systematic approach in all our business processes to create a flexible community which can easily adapt to population growth whilst maintaining a habitable and comfortable city.

  • Provide design solutions for all our existing and future developments that meet and exceed standards of “Pearl Rating System”.

  • Develop and constantly seek for innovative designs in line with the “Estidama” requirements.

  • Create solutions that stay in touch with all aspects of the nature by maintaining the correlation of the people and the environment.